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    A little about me...

    Like many yoga practitioners, I wandered in and out of the studio throughout much of my life. However, after college and years in the ‘corporate world,’ I made a committment to the practice. This commitment changed my life.

    I worked within the fashion, marketing and advertising industry for 10+ years and was well dressed and highly stressed, until I found that hour of peace, calm and quite that accompanied a yoga mat. That time quickly turned into an escape I looked forward to and craved, as I found my friends on near-by mats, got my “sweat-on,” gained a nice yoga “glow” and left feeling amazing.

    I am a yogi, a sports-fanatic, an Arizona-alum, a Bruin by marriage, a former Zoni, a forever SoCal, a follower of the sun, the dance and the flow. I am a wife, an equestrian, a former fashionista, a yoga coach to athletes and teams, a believer in never giving up, of living in the moment. Yoga is my profession, my calling, my challenge, my home and my inspiration to share.

    It is an honor to assist others on their path to personal truth and health in a safe and creative environment.


    Yoga For Athletes:

    Lindsay’s unique approach to yoga infuses sport-specific poses and alignment instruction with movement and invigorating breath work. This has allowed her to coach some of the best athletes their game today ranging from high school age through professional and olympic levels. Together with their coaches, Lindsay tailors specific programs relevant to sport and position to maximize results in minimized time.

    When using yoga as a tool to support traditional strength and conditioning programs, athletes recovery time is faster, their bodies become more balanced (a major focus of my program), leading to reduced repetitive stress injuries. In addition, challenging poses help an athlete to become comfortable in the “uncomfortable” allowing the mind to settle and become more focused. I stress the importance and relationship of flexibility, body balance and breathing and how it directly relates to power and performance in the arena/on the field/ in the pool.

    Vinyasa Flow:

    The majority of my public classes consist of a vinyasa flow style. I offer well-rounded, smartly-sequenced classes in a safe environment that emphasizes creativity, humor and fun. Instruction is made accessible to students of all levels through the use of modifications, variations and props. An emphasis is always placed on the individual, ensuring every student maximizes their experience.

    As defined by YogaWorks, vinyasa flow is a “vigorous style of yoga links breath with movement through a sequence of postures. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, and will test the edge of your balance and flexibility. Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic yoga postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat. Depending of level, Vinyasa classes often include advanced postures such as handstands, arm balances, and backbends.”

    YogaWorks Method:

    As defined by YogaWorks, “this method balances precise instruction, alignment with breath, and fluid movement. Classes are carefully themed to deepen the students’ experience of yoga. A flow of Sun Salutes and postures are skillfully sequenced, and modifications are used to individualize the practice for each student.”


    * Power Yoga For Sports | Gwen Lawrence
       (Yoga Coach for N.Y. Giants, N.Y. Yankees,
       N.Y.Knicks, N.Y Rangers and N.Y. RedBulls)
    * YogaWorks 500-Hour Teacher Training
    * YogaWorks Mindful Fitness: Barworks
    * Mini Yogi's Yoga for Kids
    * Yoga for Seniors

    Assistant to Kent Katich, founder of All Sports Yoga and yoga coach for the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Trained under YogaWorks senior instructors Gigi Snyder, Mia Togo and Patti Quintero.


    * Pre-Professional and Professional Athlete
    * Pre-Natal Yoga
    * Corporate Wellness


    Catherine P ~ U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, CA

    I love Lindsay's yoga class. I've been doing sessions with her once or twice a week for the last 6 months, and I can tell you that I am a less stressed and more energetic person because of these classes. Lindsay is a very caring, gentle instructor who serves as a calming presence as you flow through the poses. The pacing and cadence of yoga practice with Lindsay is perfect. I always leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and in a better state of mind than when I walked in the door.

    If you are injured or prone to injury, Lindsay is the yoga instructor for you. She takes the time to help you find alternative poses or workarounds if a pose is too stressful or  if it aggravates an injury. She is always happy to speak with her yogis before and after class and is thrilled with any opportunity to get to know students better so she can tailor the class to their needs.

    Highly recommended for anyone looking to practice yoga in the Westwood area.


    Jennifer H. ~ Marathon Runner, Springfield, VA

    I started working with Lindsay while I was training for one of my marathons. As a consistent runner, often running 40-50 miles each week, I began to feel all of the tall tale signs of repetitive stress injuries: sore back & knees, tight hips & hamstrings.  A friend urged me to try yoga as a complementary workout to my training routine, in which I was referred to Lindsay.

    Lindsay and I met once a week in private sessions and twice a week in a group sessions over the course of a few months. Our private sessions were designed specific to my goals as a runner, catering to the tighter areas within my body, slowly coaxing them to open and release in a safe way. I quickly noticed an increase in range in motion within my stride, a more balanced strength throughout my body and carriage, as well as a more focused mind. We also spent a lot of time coordinating breath work which correlated to my running routine, allowing me to tap into this meditative breath when I needed to reply on it most (especially around that 20 mile mark!).

    I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking to add Yoga into their athletic conditioning routines.


    Collegiate Basketball Player & NBA Draft Candidate, Syracuse, NY

    My agent sent a few players and I to work with Lindsay and Kent before the NBA draft last year. It was my first time doing yoga.  It was hard! It got right into the areas that were the tightest. I could see why guys get hooked on this - it's so different than the lifting we do in the weight room and what we do on the court. Whew! I could tell a big difference in how stretched out and relaxed I felt by the time I left vs how tight they were when we started.

    Ashley A ~ U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, CA

    First time doing Yoga and you are AWESOME!!! I'm hooked now.

  • CLASS SCHEDULE (scroll for full schedule)

    Monday @ 8:30am
    LA Fitness, West LA

    LA Fitness, West LA
    1914 South Bundy Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Monday @ 12:00pm
    Perloff Hall, U.C.L.A.

    Perloff Hall
    365 Portola Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Monday @ 6:30pm
    Kinross Recreation Center, U.C.L.A.

    Kinross Recreation Center (KREC)
    11000 Kinross Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Tuesday @ 7:00am
    Kinross Recreation Center, U.C.L.A.

    Kinross Recreation Center (KREC)
    11000 Kinross Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Tuesday @ 12:10pm
    Kinross Recreation Center, U.C.L.A.

    Kinross Recreation Center (KREC)
    11000 Kinross Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    U.C.L.A. Athletics: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men's Golf

    10956 ½ Weyburn Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Wednesday @ 8:30am
    LA Fitness, West LA

    LA Fitness West LA
    1914 South Bundy Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Wednesday @ 12:00pm
    Perloff Hall, U.C.L.A.

    Perloff Hall, U.C.L.A
    365 Portola Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Thursday @ 7:00am
    Kinross Recreation Center, U.C.L.A.

    Kinross Recreation Center (KREC)
    11000 Kinross Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Thursday @ 12:10pm
    Kinross Recreation Center, U.C.L.A.

    Kinross Recreation Center (KREC), U.C.L.A.
    11000 Kinross Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Saturday @ 10:00 am
    U.S.A. Swimming, Westside Aquatics

    Westside Aquatics
    642 Swarthmore
    Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

    Saturday @ 12:15pm
    PreNatal Level 2 (Assissting P. Quintero)

    Yoga Works Montana Avenue
    1426 Montana Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

    Private Yoga Instructor
    Beverly Hills Hotel

    Beverly Hills Hotel
    9641 Sunset Boulevard
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    Private Yoga Instructor
    Hotel Bel-Air

    Hotel Bel-Air
    701 Stone Canyon Road
    Los Angeles, CA 90077

    Private Yoga Instructor
    Luxe Hotel, Bel Air

    Luxe Hotel Bel Air
    11461 Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90049

    amenZone Yoga
    Manhattan Beach, CA

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    Incorporating Yoga into strength training routines is a relatively new concept, yet it has been embraced by many top-level athletic organizations as an excellent addition to traditional strength and conditioning programs. Athletes concentrate on strengtening their bodies with a specific goal, improving performance in their given sport, often at the expense of overall fitness and an increased risk of injury. Concentrating on a limited set of muscle groups without a well-rounded approach to overall body conditioning can result in repetitive stress issues and injuries stemming from a lack of flexibility and limberness. Yoga can round-out traditional training programs by increasing flexibility, rebalancing the body and improving mental focus.
    Lindsay has worked with pre-professional and professional athletes, developing routines that are specific to their needs on and off the field/court. Each individual’s sport, position and goals are taken into consideration when developing yoga training sequences.

    Key benefits of Yoga training for athletes include:

    * Increased strength and flexibility
    * Reduced injury risk
    * Heightened focus
    * Improved balance
    * Developing deep, relaxed breathing - a key to reducing performance anxiety
    * Strengthening joints
    * Rebalancing the body

    Lindsay apprenticed under Kent Katich, yoga coach to the Los Angeles Clippers, learning and understanding athletes’ specific needs. Kaitch has over 15 years of experience implementing yoga concepts into athletic training regimens at the highest levels of competition.

    Lindsay has also studied under Gwen Lawrence, creator of Power Yoga For Sports and yoga coach for the NY Giants, NY Yankees, NY Knicks, NY Rangers and NY RedBulls.



    Can you think of a stressed-out, multi-tasking employee who could reap the benefits of yoga?

    Offering a yoga wellness program to employees is one way to revitalize your organization from the inside out. Yoga allows your team the opportunity to exercise their minds and their bodies during the workday, returning to their desks and corporate responsibilities with renewed energy, focus and a positive attitude.

    Yoga in the workplace can:

    * Reduce anxiety, tension, stress
    * Ignite productivity, enhance creativity and increase efficiency
    * Enhance memory and focus
    * Improve body mechanics and posture, reducing the rate of repetitive stress injuries
    * Increase self-control and calmness
    * Reduce staff attrition and absenteeism
    * Enhance employee engagement

    Some compelling information about workplace health:

    * 2.5 million workdays are lost to companies annually due to stress-related illness. (American Institute on Stress)
    * 60% of employer health costs result from diminished productivity due to fatigue, stress, allergies, headaches, depression and illness (Harvard Medical School)
    * 50% of corporate profits are siphoned off by health care costs compared to 7% three decades ago. (McKinsey & Co)
    * 17% - the amount by which companies with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged employees. (Towers Perrin)
    * 53% of employees say benefits play a significant role in staying at their organization (2010 Mercer Study)

    Each program can be customized to reach your goals. Classes are appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to meet your employees’ needs.


    Private/small group instruction is adapted to each student’s goals and specific needs. This is the perfect arena to have 100% of Lindsay’s attention to help you further your practice in a safe environment. In addition, we can schedule sessions at a time that is most convenient to you.

    If you are a newer student to yoga, private lessons are the best way to build a strong foundation and a safe practice. You will learn how to modify poses by understanding the structure of each pose, keeping the integrity as you progress deeper as your body opens.

    For experienced yogi’s, private or semi-private instruction is an effective way to take your practice the next level. You can focus specifically on poses that you find challenging or learn a custom sequence for an at-home practice.

    Lindsay is currently accepting a few new private clients. Please use the contact form under Contact for more information.